ASG Passes Resolution Condemning Race

EVANSTON – Following recent nationwide unrest and several related demonstrations on Northwestern’s campus, ASG has passed a resolution condemning race. The bill passed 44-1.

ASG Executive Vice President Christina Star, WCAS ’16, expressed her avid support for the bill. “When you look at the news, it’s pretty clear that race is a very hot issue right now. Lots of people are upset about it. We, as Associated Student Government, strongly believe in condemning things our students are upset about. This bill is a step in the right direction.”

The one vote against the bill came from Lila Oswald, WCAS ’17, the one senator elected to represent Northwestern’s small population of minority students. “This is the last thing we should be doing at a time like this,” Oswald commented. “Race is a more complicated issue than simple condemnation.” Oswald continued her explanation, using big words like “geopolitical,” “systemic,” and “sociological,” which, frankly, was too much for Flipside reporters to understand.

While the implications of the measure are still unclear, its sponsors insist that the bill is exactly what Northwestern needs at this time. The resolution will be mailed to President Schapiro’s office, where it is expected to be filed in the recycling bin next to the NUDivest resolution.

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