Area Nerd Surprisingly Very Good at Role-Play in Bed

EVANSTON – Recent reports out of Bobb claim that local nerd James Chang was very good at role-play in bed last night. The journalism major he hit it off with, Lisa Mart, MSJ ’18, commented on his abilities. “Yeah, I met him at this party we were at, and I decided to give him a chance. And boy, I’m glad that I did. he really knows how to turn me on; when I wanted him to act like,a school teacher, some movie character, or my dad, he got it down.”

When asked about his role playing abilities in bed, Chang stated that he got his abilities from hundreds of hours of Dungeons and Dragons, tabletop games, and live action role-playing. “It was as though years of pretending to be someone else over a multitude of games made me a master of role play.”

Recently, word has spread like wildfire of Chang’s abilities as he has been called by a number of girls to showcase his abilities. Chang’s fellow nerds have also capitalized on his recent popularity, as they have arranged a meeting with NUKES to help organize a session on the art of role playing.

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