Isaac Newton First Discovered 80085=“BOOBS”

LONDON – Members of the Royal Society of London reported to have found evidence that Sir Isaac Newton first discovered that the number 80,085 looks a lot like the word “BOOBS”. While reviewing Newton’s original manuscripts, Professors Rob Ellington and David Barrow unearthed a document suggesting that the same man who theorized the fundamental laws of motion also noticed how to spell “BOOBS” with numbers.

The text of the manuscript reads, “It would appear that the sum of eighty-thousand and eighty-five, when written as a series of numeric digits, bears a striking resemblance to BOOBS. I have presented this over tea to a colleague at Cambridge, who found it quite amusing.”

Isaac Newton is credited as the father of classical mechanics. He also published theories on theology, universal gravitation, and integral calculus. According to the Royal Society, the new theory of BOOBS may have been Newton’s most important idea.

Ellington and Barrow encountered this groundbreaking find while reading through Newton’s journals, which have been preserved in the Royal Society’s library since the English mathematician and philosopher’s death in the 18th century. “This truly is a remarkable primary source,” said Professor Ellington in an interview with the BBC. “I believe that these journals are solid proof that Sir Newton was the first man to discover this numeric relationship, hundreds of years before today’s young mathematicians made the same discovery using their digital calculators.”

“It seems that even without the proper technology to demonstrate the significance of the number, Isaac Newton was able to make this postulation,” added Professor Barrow. “He demonstrated an admirable talent for seeing ‘BOOBS’ so clearly.”

However, not all mathematicians are happy to hear this report. In response to the Royal Society’s claim, officials of the German Academy of Science asserted that Gottfried Liebniz, a contemporary and rival of Newton, made the discovery first.

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