Northwestern Learns from Winter’s Mistakes, Doesn’t Even Try to Enforce Wildcat Wellness This Time Around

Spring quarter has arrived, and you know what that means: Wildcat Wellness. But does it? Northwestern’s administration seems to have learned their lesson from winter quarter’s Wildcat Wellness, and isn’t even trying to enforce the quarantine this time around.

Not only did they reduce the quarantine period from two weeks to just one, but they also pushed back the curfew by a whopping four hours—thus, of course, curbing any and all COVID-unsafe activities. They also have kept the dining halls closed for dine-in, encouraging students to take their meals outside and enjoy Evanston’s recent streak of nice weather. 

Wildcat Wellness is supposed to reduce community interaction after Spring Break, but so far, all it’s done is force everyone to hang out in the room of that one girl who went to Miami. This option is definitely much safer than hanging out in Norris or anything like that, though, so don’t worry! 

It’s clear that Northwestern decided against trying to enforce the quarantine, besides the occasional GroupMe messages from your RA who you’ve never actually met. Students aren’t complaining, though—they’re too busy spitting in each other’s mouths to care. 

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