Area Grandma Just Confused Why You Can’t Find a Nice Jewish Boy

EVANSTON – Just after the family’s yearly trip to Joy Yee’s on Christmas day, The Flipside interviewed local grandmother, Harriet Cohen, also known as “Bubby”, about her feelings towards her granddaughter’s new boyfriend.

Jamie Cohen, WCAS ’18, started dating Matthew Williams, MEAS ’17, a couple of months ago. Matthew is a Dean’s List student, president of Engineers Without Borders, heavily involved with Habitat for Humanity, and rescues puppies from burning buildings during his free time.

When asked about Jamie’s new beau, Bubby replied, “Williams, that’s a gentile name isn’t it?” Jamie went on to tell Bubby about Matt’s work with the student senate to help students with disabilities, and Bubby asked what he’d done for the Jews. “They’re always trying to be so good to people but we turn our backs for one second and they’ll be taking everything away from us again. Jamie, taste this kugel I made.”

Jamie reported that the kugel was delicious as always and that the extra cinnamon that Bubby added was perfect. Bubby proceeded to hum around the kitchen for another twenty minutes or so before asking, “What about the boys from that nice Jewish fraternity? You’re mother said some of them were pretty cute, you’d have someone to go to Hillel events with!” Jamie did not mention that she has not attended a single Hillel event since arriving at college, and instead nodded and smiled at her grandmother.

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