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He Had to Do WHAT to WHO? John Wilkes Booth’s WILD Fantasy Football Punishment

Spend 24 hours in a Waffle House, get a tattoo of your friend’s choosing, or perform at an open mic. These are some of the most popular fantasy football punishments for the poor saps who finish last in their league, but once upon a time a man made the news for his WILD punishment. And you’ll never guess what he did or who he did it to. John Wilkes Booth was just a regular joe competing in his local fantasy

Op-Ed: The Healy-Swift Relationship was the Most Outraged I’ve Seen White Women since Schools were Integrated

            Look, I am no stranger to public outrage. I mourned with America over the fall of Blockbuster, I rioted when the McRib was stripped from the McDonald’s menu, and the establishment felt my wrath when Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles tendon. But oh my god, was I taken aback by one group’s vitriol this past year. This past May, Taylor Swift was rumored to be dating problematic singer Matty Healy, and to be honest I have not seen white women that mad

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