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Soulja Boy puts Flipside-Sherman Ave feud to rest: “Fuck these fools! I was the first rapper to make a biting satirical news publication that not only takes aim at the absurdity of elite academic institutional life but also provides commentary on global events from a uniquely collegiate perspective!”

Big Draco stopped short of requesting a 5% cut of club funding, noting the Associated Student Government mandated budgets for each publication.

Two Roads Diverged in A Yellow Wood and My Wife Left Me: Poems By Willie Loman

A new TikTok trend has gained popularity with men over forty and anyone suffering under late-stage capitalism. The #poemsbywillieloman trend went viral after account posted a series of videos of him speeding home while violently shaking his head to the beat of Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, with this poem written in the caption:

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