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Op-Ed: As a 30-Year Old Man Who Lives in His Parents’ Basement, Parasite Really Spoke to Me

I’ve read other film critics reviews spouting out nonsense about how the movie was a masterful display of how capitalism pits societal classes against each other, but I don’t believe this was really the major point of the film. I understood Bong Joon-ho’s message that middle-aged people who live in their parents’ basement should get the same respect as everyone else.

Op Ed: If Improv is About Saying “Yes” Then Why Did Every Group Say “No” to Me?

As any new Northwestern student who googles “what is improv” five minutes before their audition knows, the only rule to the Chicago-founded comedic art form is saying “yes.” But if that’s the case, then why did every improv group on campus say “no” to me? I’m talking Titanic, Mee-Ow, ODB, The Bix, even the Panini Players. They all said “no.” I didn’t even get a single callback. I say they’re a bunch of hypocrites. If they were really committed to the

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