Mr. Ratburn Endorses Buttigieg, says He Best Represents the Gay Elitist Rat Demographic

In a move that mostly excited a specific niche subset of PBS subscribers and liberal arts college students, Mr. Ratburn from the hit TV show Arthur has thrown his hat in the ring to endorse Pete Buttigieg for president on behalf of the gay elitist rat demographic.

“He may be pro-draft and be backed mostly by billionaires, but we rats have to look out for each other!” said Ratburn, speaking from the front row of Buttigieg’s recent Strokes rally concert. “Plus, if me and my husband are cute enough to get every conservative state but Alabama to run our wedding on children’s network television, Pete and Chasten are for sure cute enough for any other issues with his platform to just get totally overlooked.”

Ratburn’s endorsement is the latest in a recent series of notable celebrity endorsements of Democratic candidates; recent highlights to the movement included the Charmin toilet paper bears’ endorsement of Joe Biden last week and the Mucinex booger’s endorsement of Elizabeth Warren last month. 

At press time, Ratburn – a third grade teacher – did not have any comments on Buttigieg’s education policy, but he did say he was a big fan of the campaign’s official $55 “Pete Buttigieg for President” sweatshirt, sold in a tasteful dark grey.

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