Spotify Wrapped Ruffles Feathers By Featuring Independent Taiwan as Location

This past November, as we’ve seen so many times before, Spotify Wrapped took the world by storm with its sleek presentation style and the implementation of geographical identifications according to your listening habits. Some users, however, said they received an odd and politically contentious message that read, “This year, your listening took you places, and one place listened just like you: the independent nation of Taiwan.”

Some of our readers may know that the political status of Taiwan is a hotly debated issue between the Taiwanese government, who want their nation to be free and independent, and the Chinese government, who want that same nation to shut the hell up and be a good little tropical timeshare for the CCP. The Flipside would not dare to comment on such a sensitive issue due to our respect for those involved, and because our NordVPN subscription recently expired.

Taiwan was not the only point of contention on the latest Wrapped. According to some listeners, other locations included “Occupied Crimea,” “The Entirely Free and United Counties of Ireland,” and one called “Soon to be Annexed Pakistan” where India normally sits.

Looking at the data though, residents of Taiwan seemed to really like Liu Boxin, Eason Chan, and interestingly enough Mitski. Apparently the song “My Love Mine All Mine” really resonates with the Taiwanese struggle for independence.

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