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Ask Flippy: Do you think Damian Lillard says “It’s Dame Time” before he has sex?

Dear Flippy, After watching Damian Lillard win the NBA All-Star 3-Point Contest for the second straight year, a burning question came over me. He’s always introduced with the phrase, “It’s Dame Time!” and then he points at his wrist accordingly. It’s cool, it’s fun, whatever. But I began to think about its real life applications. I’ve heard that Lillard is as clutch in the sheets as he is on the court. Thus, do you think he says, “It’s Dame Time!”

From The Man Watching You Through Your Kindle: “Ooooooh Yes Roll Over To Your Side”

Kindles have taken the world by storm. Ever since people realized that you can read embarrassing, smutty novels, or memoirs by cancelled celebrities without revealing the cover to strangers, they have been flying off the shelves. But there is a dark side to this beautiful technological innovation that can store up to 6,000 books while being light as a croissant, the man who watches you through your kindle at night and loves when you roll over on your side. One

The Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. Welcome Center is a Multi-Faceted Venue: Here’s How to Host All Your Biggest Bashes at this Home Away from Home

The JRBJWC (gerb-jawk), as cool-kids are referring to it, announced it’s opening all four sets of its doors to travelers hoping to host gatherings at the spectacular venue. This is a guide of how to make sure your most important life events get the recognition they deserve at this wonder of the modern world. Wedding             Have the fairytale moment you deserve and kiss your forever love under the Dunkin Donuts awning. We recommend renting luxurious Greyhound party buses to