Ask Flippy: Do you think Damian Lillard says “It’s Dame Time” before he has sex?

Dear Flippy,

After watching Damian Lillard win the NBA All-Star 3-Point Contest for the second straight year, a burning question came over me. He’s always introduced with the phrase, “It’s Dame Time!” and then he points at his wrist accordingly. It’s cool, it’s fun, whatever. But I began to think about its real life applications.

I’ve heard that Lillard is as clutch in the sheets as he is on the court. Thus, do you think he says, “It’s Dame Time!” before he has sex? It would definitely put me in the mood if someone said this to me, theoretically.

If so, how do you think he says it? Do you think he whispers it in his partner’s ear? Do you think he yells it then growls? Do you think he asks his partner, “What time is it?” in a genuine voice, and then interrupts her answer to proclaim it?

Maybe, sometimes, he needs his partner to say it to him, like encouragement? When he’s almost there, but needs something to put him over the edge, do you think he looks at her and asks, “What time is it?” And this time, he actually does need to know, he wants her to answer, but maybe she hesitates because she’s not sure if this is one of the times where he’s gonna cut her off and answer himself, so she kind of says it slowly like a question… “It’s… Dame Time?”

Let me know what you think, Flippy. Please answer yes or no to each of the scenarios.



Dear Giannis,

I see why they call you the Greek Freak!

As for my answers:

  1. Yes, I think Damian Lillard says “It’s Dame Time!” before he has sex. I’m actually guessing he’s incapable of having sex without saying it.
  2. I think he probably has a recording of Mike Breen saying “It’s Dame Time!” and plays it on his phone. I can’t blame him, Mike Breen’s voice is magical.
  3. I do think his partner has to say it to him sometimes, and I think it happens exactly how you described it.

Based on your interest, I’d suggest implementing a signature phrase into your sex life. If you need any help brainstorming, let me know. Mine is: “This is gonna be Flippin’ fantastic!”

Hope this helps, Giannis! And feel free to use a pseudonym next time!


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