CW to Make Show About Pretty White Girl with Problems in Big City

HOLLYWOOD—The CW has announced that come this fall they will air a new show called My Problems, a sitcom about a rich white girl placed in a new environment. The creator hinted at plot points including the main character meeting mostly white friends with one minority represented, one of her male friends turning out to be gay, and a tough decision between two gorgeous men.

Nicole Gottlieb, a CW spokesperson, remarked: “We at the CW felt that we didn’t have enough shows targeted at the female pre-teenage and teenage audiences about the problems of pretty white girls.” Her response to further inquiry about One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, 90210, Melrose Place, and Life Unexpected was a curt “Those don’t count.”

The only other show that was competing for this timeslot in the CW’s line up was a show called Tribulations about the troubles of a single father raising his kids in south central Los Angeles trying to teach them about honor and life and evading his past life as a drug dealer. Gottlieb explained the choice of My Problems over Tribulations, saying that “We don’t believe that there is an audience for shows with new ideas, real emotions, themes that people can relate to, or character development.”

The projected ratings for My Problems are off the charts. Gottlieb attributes this largely to the reliability of the CW’s most reliable viewers, the doctor’s-office-waiting-room demographic.

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