NBC Unveils New Drama, 24: Lost

HOLLYWOOD—NBC executives announced today the launch of a brand new drama which will debut next fall. It’s called 24: Lost and will focus on a protagonist, Shepherd Bauer who tries to prevent terrorist attacks on a strange island. According to producers, the drama will feature numerous twists and turns which will shock the audience like nothing they have ever seen before.

The Flipside has obtained a leaked script for an episode from the first season which surely serves as an indication for what to expect from this breakthrough drama. Without giving too much away, we can tell you that a scientist from the DTN (Dharma Terrorist Network) tries to smuggle a nuclear bomb onto the island and threatens to detonate it unless they can take hostage President of the Others Omar Widmore. If the bomb explodes, the island might spiral into a sideways universe 10 years into the future which may or may not represent purgatory.

Bauer will lead numerous dangerous missions to extinguish threats with the technical support of CTU: Island and his trusted friend Chloe Austin. Bauer will be assisted by his number two in command Cole Reyes, who may have a propensity for the word “dude” and have a secret affair with an ex-convict turned spy for the DTN: Libby Walsh. Other than the DTN, CTU will have to deal with a smoke monster which can override aerial drones and will face the threat of an EMP being detonated at their Orchid headquarters which would render it useless unless it can be stopped by an electromagnetically immune character named Arlo Hume.

NBC executives are tremendously optimistic that the show will be a big success for the network, following in the footsteps of other NBC hits like the Marriage Ref, The Jay Leno Show, The Biggest Loser, and Minute to Win It. “We believe 24: Lost will bring an entirely new experience to television” said NBC executive Mort Zuckergood. “Its originality should bring great results and help it develop a strong fan base which will abandon their lives to spend hours and hours debating the underlying meanings of our plot-lines on blogs and websites.”

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