Dillo Day Issue: Top 10 Reasons Nelly Wears a Band-aid

  1. He got hit when he let loose his “Pimp Juice”
  2. He wasn’t paying attention when the ump said “Batter Up”
  3. It got a little rough when she went over to “My Place”
  4. “Tip drill” gone bad
  5. “Ridin'” with an Axe Murderer
  6. Angry Redneck attacked him for correcting his “Country Grammar”
  7. Cut himself opening the only copy sold of “Brass Knuckles”
  8. To cover up the scuff mark when he was kicked in the face by some “Air Force Ones”
  9. Got a little too close to her “Tail Feather”
  10. Burnt himself testing out “Grillz”

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