Hobo Calls Big Bite Night “The Best Thing Ever”

EVANSTON—The City of Evanston’s annual restaurant fair attracted all types of foodies Sunday. Among them was Lucas Rogers, area transient, who praised the event as “totally awesome.”

Rogers, who usually sets up camp outside the Papa John’s on Clark and Benson, left his post this Sunday to take six separate trips around the neighborhood for the event, hitting various stations with and without his hat to appear like a different person.

“I admit, it’s a change from my usual fare: pizza crusts, rat meat. But at some point, you have to branch out of your comfort zone,” Rogers said.

Rogers, or “Keratosis Lou,” as his friends call him, considers himself a connoisseur of Evanston fare.

“Being a free-events foodie has always been my dream,” he said. “But after they started checking for student IDs at Wildcat Welcome Week events, well, I thought I was out of business for the fall.”

He added that the event will help him get through the relative dry spell of October, supplementing Sundays at the First Presbyterian Church of Evanston, where he poses as a parishioner in order to get communion wafers, coffee and doughnuts.

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