How do I get off of this Listserv?

Seriously, how can I get off this thing?  I’ve been getting these emails for like six months now ever since I put my name on some list at the events fair.  I’ve never even been to an Outing Club meeting.  I mean sure, rock climbing and kayaking sound great, but I just don’t have time for this stuff.  How can I take my name off the list?  I just don’t understand why I’m still on it.  Don’t they, like, go through it once in a while and get rid of the people who never show up or something?  I’m getting sick of deleting these emails.  I already get enough crap from the stuff I am involved in, I don’t need… Oh, great, here’s another one!  I don’t care about your exec board elections, I don’t even know who these people are!  Ugh, will someone please take me off this listserv??

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