[His Campus] An Exploration South of Tech

We engineers never have any need to go to south campus, but in case you accidentally find yourself there, here are some descriptions to help you get a lay of the land and get back north as fast as possible.

Kresge – The Tech of south campus. When south campus people say that they get lost in Tech, pretend they said Kresge and you will understand their pain.

Main Library – An inferior version of Tech Library. From an architectural standpoint, a disaster.

Kellogg – Where to find the people who will finance your next project.

Norris Student Center – Try to make your way to the game room in the basement, but don’t get trapped among the socializing students who will block your path.

CRC – Slivka for communications majors. Complete with the same haughty sense of superiority, except in this case they didn’t earn it.

The Rock – Just like Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, the Rock is a shameless promoter and has even been in some low quality films and plays.

Fran’s Café – Lisa’s for Theater majors.

Sorority Quad – Does not compute…

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  • anon

    You do realize that CRC is primarily film and journalism majors, not communications majors, right? There are hardly any communications majors there.

    Also, how is kresge at all like tech? It’s an L shape, not a maze.

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