Dear Students of SESP: Please Help, Give Us Your Money

Having learned of the School of Education and Social Policy’s new course on the history and ethical dilemmas associated with philanthropic donations, the Northwestern Flipside would like to submit the following petition for the fund on our own behalf:

Dear students currently engaged in the course “Learning Philanthropy and Engaging in the Study and Practice of Giving”—

We’re sorry. We’re sorry we ever made fun of SESP. It’s just that after our twelfth straight hour on the same Quantum Mechanics problem set, we got a little jealous of “Lecture 5: Effective Handholding” in Marriage 101. (Okay, okay. We get that isn’t a thing, but really, we’re pretty sure we learned everything we ever needed to know about child psychology by our 15th YouTube view of “David After Dentist” and “Charlie Bit My Finger.”) We’ll neglect to point out the glaring economic inefficiencies involved in deciding how to donate funds that were previously donated to you from a charitable foundation that relies on other philanthropic donations. We’ll even promise to never make another SESP joke again (look out Bienen, from now on it’s just you) if only you’ll consider The Flipside’s case in deciding how to distribute your 100,000 dollars.

The Flipside makes Northwestern campus life better every day by providing students with a borderline intellectual way to procrastinate; and through a pioneering distribution model, we reach an audience which other campus publications might write off as immature or completely illiterate. (Translation: one time, we taped issues up on the bathroom stall doors on the second floor of Bobb.)

Our cinematic ventures (see Act 5, Scene IV: “Keystone Fireworks” in our critically acclaimed video “All of the Scandal”) combine the acting, vocal, and beer-shaking talents of students from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to highlight the finer points of campus culture and provide thoughtful discussion pertaining to real issues (see Act 1, Scene I: “Evict You” for an unbiased musical adaptation of Evanston’s Brothel Law).

Flipside reporters have reached out to political figures like Rafalca Romney, prospective students, and even Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro in our undying efforts to keep Northwestern students informed on local and world news, and occasionally (hopefully), laugh a little.


The Fundraising and Philanthropic Outreach Committee of The Northwestern Flipside

(Actually, we don’t even have enough money to fund a fundraising committee, so either you or David and Jo need to step in at some point)

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