Smart Dillo PSA Advises, “It’s a Sprint, Not a Marathon”

EVANSTON — The Smart Dillo campaign has released their latest public service announcement just in time for Dillo Day. In their newest PSA, “It’s a Sprint, Not a Marathon,” the safety-awareness student group reminds everyone that the goal of Dillo Day is to not be a pussy and take things slow, but rather to get drunk as quickly as possible.

“It’s a Sprint, Not a Marathon” features an animated talking armadillo voiced by PSA veteran Rebel Alley. In her cutest armadillo impression she lays out the reasons why getting drunk fast is better than pacing oneself. “You’ve seen the lineup this year. Do you really want to be sober for that? Does it even matter if you make it out to the Lakefill? Furthermore, Sunday is already a campus wide recovery day. What are you saving up for?”

The video explains that marathons take months of preparation and training, but anyone is able to handle a short sprint, which is therefore clearly the safest strategy for celebrating on Dillo Day.

According to Smart Dillo campaign coordinator and Northwestern senior Kevin Jones, “The purpose of Smart Dillo is to be a reliable source of common sense advice to have a successful Dillo Day. You might hear some tidbits from a frat bro, but there’s no way to know if his advice is useful. Smart Dillo provides clear and easy answers to all of your Dillo Day questions.”

The “It’s a Sprint, Not a Marathon” spot builds upon previous work by the Smart Dillo Campaign, such as “The Best Place to Hide Your Booze Is the Rocks on the Lakefill,” “Wristbands Schmristbands,” “The Guest Policy is Meant to be Broken,” and “You Should Totally Sell Dillo Day Tickets to High School Students.”

As of press time, Smart Dillo has been working on one last PSA for the night before Dillo Day entitled “Only Bitches Need Sleep and Water.”

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