Taylor Swift Writes Breakup Song for Spotify

After a series of very public fights between world-famous country star Taylor Swift and her perennial on-and-off-again fling with Spotify users, the singer did what she does best: she wrote a vengeful breakup song.

The Flipside has uncovered the unreleased lyrics to Taylor’s newest song, “All You Had To Do Was Pay.”

Music services like Spotify always want songs to give away
And artists like me wanna believe you when you say you’ve changed
The more I think about it now
The less I know
All I know is that I hate their rights agreement

Hey, all you had to do was pay
Had me record great music
Man, why’d you have to go and stream it
Pay, hey, now you say you want it
Back, now that it’s just too late
Well could’ve been easy, all you had to do was pay
All you had to do was pay
All you had to do was pay
All you had to do was pay
All you had to do was pay

Here you are now
Calling me up
But I know just what to say
I’ve been raking in the dough from the sales I’ve made
Users like you always want back the songs they got for free
But artists like me sell to Target
Show me the money


Let me remind you, this album was what you wanted
Please don’t pirate it
Sales were all I wanted
But not like this
Not like this
Not like this
Oh, all you had to do was pay



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