Recovered Post from “Free & For Sale”

Continuing its history of in-depth investigative reporting, The Flipside has recovered this post from Northwestern’s “Free & For Sale” Facebook group after the Admissions Office hacked the user’s profile.

Hi everyone, I’m transferring to USC next semester so I’m selling some stuff. Message me 4 more info

  • Canada Goose jacket, size S $1000 OBO – tbh lost it at the Deuce once but in decent condition
  • Sorel snow boots size 7
  • Black ski mask
  • Humidifier – think it’s from CVS idk
  • Sun therapy lamp
  • 3 wool infinity scarves from the Gap, originally $20 now $7 each or $15 for all 3
  • Stockpile of Sudafed (for colds, or meth)
  • Heated mattress pad
  • My 5 remaining sessions at CAPS (my therapist is like super nice lol)
  • Lots of wool socks, $3 each
  • All of my notes from EA
  • 2 oversize knit sweaters from Envy, statement necklaces not included
  • 6 month prescription for Prozac
  • 1 broken spirit

Also, is anyone flying out of O’Hare tomorrow morning? Looking to share a cab :)

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