Op Ed: That Might Be Martin O’Malley, But I’m Not Sure

I think I just saw Martin O’Malley! I’m here in Iowa after the caucus, and he was just walking down the street. I know he’s not exactly the front runner, but it was pretty exciting to see a real ex-presidential candidate like that, no more than fifty feet away from a regular Joe such as myself.

Wait, hang on a second. Is that him or not? It’s a middle-aged white guy, and they all definitely have a similar hairstyle. But that’s not that uncommon, right? And I don’t really know what Iowans look like anyway. Maybe they just all look like this.

Should I say something? I wouldn’t even know what to say. I guess I could just shout “Martin” or “Governor O’Malley”, but then what? If it’s not him, I just embarrassed myself in front of the whole street. And even if it is him, I wouldn’t know what to say to a former mayor of Baltimore. I’m sure his day is filled with important meetings with powerful people, and he wouldn’t want to talk to a shmuck like me.

Oh, well, now he’s walking away. Now I’ve missed my chance to interact with Martin O’Malley, if it even was him. I’m still not really sure. At least I’ll have this cool story to tell all of my friends though.

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