Mock Trial Stages Mock Execution

In a daring promotional stunt last Tuesday, the Northwestern University Mock Trial team (NUMT) staged the mock execution of Weinberg senior Michael Ross.

The death penalty case arose when Ross approached NUMT’s promotional stand at the Rock and took a brownie before realizing they cost 75 cents. With no cash or venmo, Ross was summarily charged and convicted of theft and thirteen counts of homicide.

“They’re good. Real good,” said Ross as he was strapped to a gurney. He said the homicide charges were trumped on him to make it a capital offense case, “but they were so convincing, even I thought I did it!”

“You don’t get to nationals without cracking a few eggshells,” said Rachel Zane (WCAS ’20), tightening the tourniquet to find a vein in Ross’ arm. Zane explained that a public execution could interest others to join the Mock Trial team, especially those looking to settle a score with Michael Ross.

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