A Cappella Group Quietly Removes “Smooth Criminal”/“Ignition” Mash-Up from Setlist

Northwestern University’s premier all-male oldies a cappella group, The Rotary Tones, discreetly edited their set list for the upcoming Best of NU A Cappella show, omitting a “Smooth Criminal”/ “Ignition (Remix)” mash-up.

“That’s embarrassing,” said sophomore Jack Satchel, “My roommate was practicing his ‘vocal percussion’ all week. Now he just has to bob his head in the back.”

When asked if edit had anything to do with recent sexual abuse scandals of the songs’ artists, Rotary Tones president Kyle Purser said, “Absolutely not. I mean we would never support sexual abusers. We just realized that neither of their music is really challenging enough for a group of our aptitude.”

“Well that’s a damn lie,” said junior Kate Duffel, “He was bragging to me about how ‘on point’ his falsetto was. He even said he taught the whole group how to moonwalk.”

Yesterday The Rotary Tones posted on their Facebook that they would be performing a mash-up of Ro James’ “Permission” and Aretha Franklin’s “Respect.”

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