Trevor Siemian Shakes Keys at Panthers

SANTA CLARA, CA – Reports from the sidelines at Levi’s Stadium confirm that during the opening kickoff for Sunday’s Super Bowl 50, Trevor Siemian could be seen shaking his keys at the North Carolina Panthers fan base.

Siemian commented on his controversial behavior. “I know that some people find it demeaning to shake ones keys at an opponent. But if Northwestern has given me anything to take on to the next chapter in my life, it’s traditions like these.”

Other reports allege that Siemian was seen screaming For Whom the Bell Tolls during every Panthers third down.

Peyton Manning had some thoughts on Trevor Siemian, “Who are you talking about? Trevor Semen? I don’t know anyone with that name. Please get out of my face.”

Reports indicate that after every Broncos running play, Siemian could be heard shouting, “Justin Jackson the Ball Carrier.”

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