Tinder Date Makes It to Second-Round Interview

After what he described as a “stellar” first date, Weinberg senior Kevin Pines confirmed on Facebook last Friday that he had been invited back to a second-round interview with Tinder date Maya Wright. Suited up and carrying a resume, Pines told reporters that he was “incredibly excited to have made it this far, and really want[s] to start fresh and not make the same mistakes from previous relationships.”

Maya Wright, WCAS ’20, cited his extremely Nicholas-Sparks-esque charm and impressive dedication to making her feel wanted as definite positives, but found that Pines portrayed a bit of emotional unavailability, wishy-washiness, and lack of commitment. Despite some red flags—Wright claims that Pines did not even catch the fish he proudly displayed on his primary Tinder photo—she advanced him to the next round.

The follow-up interview didn’t go nearly as well for Pines, and he wasn’t called back for the final round. Wright said he just couldn’t meet the standards she had set for him. She admitted that, at the outset, she thought his Tinder bio—“send memez”—meant they were truly compatible, but Wright said she knew they were never meant to be when he was found to be swiping right on other women. Although the resume got Pines that far, it turns out that it requires much more than words and good references to prove character.

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