Area 6th Grader Does More Work than NU Theatre Major

EVANSTON, IL – Chuck Davis, winner of Chute Middle School’s spelling bee and science fair, was honored yesterday for his hard work in school and dedication to the Evanston community. Chuck (age 11), along with four other local students, received the prestigious Young Achiever Award. He was surprised with the news during gym class, “I’ve really worked hard for this,” said Davis. “Those extra pre-algebra problems have really paid off.”

Chuck’s résumé is impressive. His 4.0 GPA, involvement with several clubs and sports, three hundred hours of community service, and founding of a paper airplane company are amongst his many achievements or, as he calls it, “the only way of life.” Davis added, “I also have twenty one merit badges. I’m a cub scout too.”

The Northwestern Flipside approached Davis after a press conference, asking if he would be applying to Northwestern in the fall of 2014. His response was somewhat unexpected, citing a sibling’s lack of work ethic. “Northwestern? Are you kidding? I have a brother who goes there. He never does any work. That’s not the life for me.” Jason Davis (20) is Chuck’s older brother, a theatre major. Unlike Chuck, Jason does not have a rigorous academic schedule. Jason is enrolled in Math 101: Fun with Numbers, Theatre 210: Breathing Good, and two other “classes.” He declined comment.

Jason’s roommate, however, was overjoyed to talk to The NU Flipside. “Yeah, he basically dicks around all day. He usually wakes up at about 12:30, then sings along to whatever’s on the radio. He annoys the hell out of me.” When asked what Jason does with all his free time, his roommate laughed before saying, “Every night he asks me what bar he should go to. Every night I ask myself, ‘Should I do Chemistry first or Calculus?’ Jason never asks these more serious questions.” It’s easy to see the source of Chuck Davis’s success; his older brother is a good role model by providing the perfect example of what not to do.