Ask The Flipside – Why Do You Keep Putting Stuff in my Mailbox?

Dear The Northwestern Flipside,

Why do you assholes keep putting stuff in my mailbox?

Yours Truly,

Gerd Höffenhauer

Well Gerd, some people actually appreciate receiving The Flipside every week. Actually, the fact that you don’t appreciate The Flipside would seem to indicate that you are not human. So we at The Flipside have a question for you: What the fuck are you? Are you a Dementor? Are you Ann Coulter? Or a zombie perhaps? Or maybe you are just a humorless prude who can’t take a good joke. If that’s the case, we are truly sorry. Truly sorry indeed.

Either way, you will continue to receive The Flipside free of charge in the hopes that your humanity will be restored. You’re welcome.

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