For One Day, Trekkies Get to Be Cool

EVANSTON—Devoted fans of the Star Trek franchise, referred to informally as Trekkies, rejoiced yesterday as JJ Abrams’ critically acclaimed Star Trek prequel hit theaters last weekend. “Finally,” said local Trekkie Stephen Geary, “we Trekkies can get the respect we deserve.” He then made a “V” sign between his middle and ring finger and added, “Live long and prosper.”

With hordes of moviegoers attending the new film, Trekkies have been able to share their knowledge of Trek trivia. “It’s great,” explained a visibly elated Geary, “I can finally talk about Star Trek with someone other than my cousin and that creepy old man who lives in the apartment below me.”

Geary was seen outside the Evanston Century Theater yesterday with a group of people explaining the truth about Captain Kirk. “His eyes in the movie were the slightly wrong shade,” he explained to the slightly interested throng, “It goes against Episode 3.13 where Spock describes them as a ‘deep brown.'” He continued to walk with the crowd for several blocks and managed to make the entire trek without being asked to shut up. “That’s a first for me,” said the jubilant Geary through a smile.

Trekkies like Geary understand that they will only be cool for another couple of days before they go back to being losers again. “I’m taking every opportunity I can,” explained Geary, “In fact, I even talked Star Trek with a girl the other day. That was a neat experience.”

Other people are not as happy about the new movie. “For three days,” ranted Trekkie Mark “Captain Picard” Williams, “all people have wanted to talk to me about is that movie. No one wants to hear a word about my action figures that could be worth a fortune one day.” Williams then continued in Klingon, “baQ qa’rol cha QeH jIH!”

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