George W. Bush Proud of Being Able to Name Half the Presidents on Sporcle

CRAWFORD, TX—Former President George W. Bush was described as “the happiest he’s been in years” Thursday after he successfully named 22 of the 44 U.S. Presidents on the popular trivia quiz site Sporcle. “George was strutting around the house, grinning like he won the lottery,” explained his wife Laura, “I haven’t seen him that happy since we got Saddam.”

Mrs. Bush reported that her husband got off to a strong start, naming most of the early presidents and some more recent conservatives including Nixon, Reagan, and Ford. After getting 22 correct answers he hit a roadblock and was forced to give up.

“He was really upset that he missed both George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush,” explained Laura, “but he decided that 22 was good enough.” Aside from missing his father and himself, Bush had a couple close calls. He was able to remember William H. Taft’s real name after typing “that fat guy” for 2 minutes on end with no results. He also kept trying “that one who dropped the nucular bomb” for Harry S. Truman before remembering his name as well.

Despite these late catches, Bush did have some unfortunate misses. He reportedly asked his wife why the quiz didn’t accept “Jefferson Davis” for the president from 1861-5. Similarly, when Barack Obama’s name was revealed after Bush gave up, he quickly asked, “who?”

After his moderate success with the Presidents, Bush has decided to try some other quizzes. “The other day, he tried to name every member of his cabinet,” Mrs. Bush commented, “unfortunately, he only got 3 correct answers.”


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