Bienen Student Eyes Vuvuzela Performance Studies Major

EVANSTON—Amidst the drama of hundreds of undergraduates struggling to decide on a major to pursue, one brave sophomore sought solace in his newly-developed track of study.

“I’ve been wanting to study the vuvuzela ever since I can remember,” Freddie Marks (Bienen ’13) droned. “I just think at this point in time, a degree in vuvuzela performance would be most beneficial to me and my family.”

Northwestern is known for its program where students can design their own major if unsatisfied with the selection already being offered. New majors completed in the recent past include Puppetry, Pigskin Strategy, and Wine Tasting. Vuvuzela Performance Studies will be a welcome addition to these student-designed majors.

This instrument was first introduced to the public during South African soccer matches in 2002 and recently has emerged into international culture during the 2010 World Cup. Their beautiful and captivating sound warmed the hearts of all who watched.

The low price of vuvuzelas and their maintenance also plays a large part in Marks’s decision to tread this unbeaten path. “If I break one by either blowing too hard or by an NU soccer player getting fed up with my practice in the stands during his games, then it’s relatively inexpensive to replace.” The current price of a new vuvuzela at Evanston’s Hogeye Music is $8.

“And the best part,” Marks buzzed, “is that I can paint it any color I want. Maybe I’ll go with the Northwestern colors with a small painting of Willie, a wildcat paw print, and a sketch of Morty… how cool would that be?”

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