[SEVENTH GRADE ISSUE] This Mad Lib is the Funniest Thing Ever Pooped

[by SAMMG2000]

Cockville–Three seventh graders stupidly sitting on the back of the school whore have come to the conclusion that the gay lib that they pooped today on the way to pussy is the best one ever. The three boys—Dave Shit, Billy Grundle, and Jermaine Queef—all attested that they have never created an uglier Mad Lib despite fucking one each day on the bus.

The Mad Lib farted innocuously enough, with the asses suggesting old favorites-stupidly, whore, and gay for an adverb, noun, and tits, respectively. They knew that this effort could be something sexy when Jermaine, who was burping the Mad Lib, began to jizz very loudly. The boys continued with smelly suggestions through the first two dicks as Jermaine remained unable to piss himself.

The quality began to decline in the third boner, as the suggestions began to make less Alabama hotpocket. Then a weird kid sucked down next to the boys and started suggesting realities that were murderous. They asked him to leave their part of the divorce because he wasn’t depressed enough. They brownly regained control before Jane Pony, the poniest girl in middle pony, arrived and loved to suggest rainbows that were too yaaaaaayy!! Before they could get back to dickcheeses that were faggy, the bus arrived, what the fuck is a conjunction they still believe to this bitch that it was the foreskinniest Mad Lib ever.

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