Dept. of Defense to Release Intel on Locating Pakistan

The White House has announced plans to release the Department of Defense’s research that culminated in the military’s recent discovery of Pakistan.  According to the official statement, formerly classified reports outlining the search for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan will be publicly available from the Library of Congress by October 2011.  The papers illustrate the Department of Defense’s progress, and reveal the data that recently allowed our troops to finally pinpoint the elusive 300,000- square mile landmass in South Asia.

“Americans have the right to know how we’ve been working to protect them, spending ten long years for Pakistan’s exact location,” said Anton Brownstone, who has been charge of the search since the early years of the Bush administration.  Specialized American forces have been looking in places throughout the Islamic world, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, and only recently did they discover the Pakistani nation.  Brownstone explained that it was his team who finally found Pakistan “hiding” slightly above the Indian subcontinent.  He also expressed that with this knowledge, a feeling of security will hopefully be restored to the American people.

The public version of the report will be edited before its final release.  For purposes of national security, some names of military officers and presidents are to remain anonymous.

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