The Good and The Bad: Markwell Edition

The “I Agree With Markwell” campaign has taken the Northwestern campus by storm. Here is a detailed breakdown of its pros and cons:

The Good
-It’s something to talk about instead of the bad weather.
-If you agree hard enough you get a free indulgence.
-Hipsters who are trying to be ironic and contrarian against the backlash to his campaign agree.
-Nary a soul has been lost on this campaign because they asked for directions, unlike that stubborn Moses.
-The campaign has its own posse or CRU.
-Campaign organizers have gotten to know Jesus in a very biblical sense.
-The campaign seems moderate when compared to Rick Santorum.

The Bad
-The campaign didn’t get the endorsement of the Buddhist community.
-The campaign advocates cannibalism via drinking the blood and eating the body of their savior.
-The campaign admonishes poor people who beg to differ.
-Campaign organizers are getting crucified for having too much passion for the Christ.
-It’s too late, we already agree with John Calvin.
-Campaign organizers are descendants of Eve, the original sinner.
-They talk about saving our lives, yet bore us to death.

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