[His Campus] Guest Column: From a Real Live Girl – “Please Stop Staring at Me”

Hi. It’s me, the girl in your Mechanics of Materials class. We’ve never met. I don’t even know your name. In fact, I’ve never heard anything but conspicuous heavy breathing come out of your mouth. But we need to have a quick chat. I’d really, really appreciate it if you didn’t stare at me in the middle of lecture. I know Bielsen is boring and the PowerPoint slides are not really interesting but, honestly, all the staring is starting to creep me out. We’re at the end of the quarter. Let me have my last week in blissful, inconspicuous peace.

It started innocently enough. A quick glance to check if it was really a member of the female sex and not some unhygienic, ponytailed MechE guy in a sweatshirt. But it’s grown more and more obvious. I’m fairly certain one of you took a whiff of my hair.

The kicker is that you don’t say anything! I’m just a girl. I don’t bite. But the staring without introducing yourself…well, I’m getting really uncomfortable. I know I’m one of two girls in the class but really, we’re not that different than you guys. A little bit cleaner, maybe, but otherwise, not that different.


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