[Nostalgia Issue] Where Are They Now: The Rugrats

We all remember the Rugrats, those adventurous wild babes from the 90s. We knew them so well back then, but what have they done since then? The Flipside caught up with them to find out.

Tommy: Tommy continues to be the leader he was back in his youth, and he is now the starting running back and a captain on Cal’s football team. He gets girls like none other and rages harder than anyone. He’s projected as a mid-third round draft pick this year, but he still has a year of eligibility. The rumor is that hear he’s coming back for a fifth year; Berkeley is hella excited!!

Dil: Dil is not much like his older brother, preferring weed to football, though they still are extremely close. He is a huge hipster now, and a junior at Bard College doing more drugs than anyone could ever imagine. A kind kid at heart, he spends all his time high or listening to random bands no one has ever heard of. He’s not worried about life after college right now; he’s just focusing on having fun and living his life, and so far it’s been working out for the boy.

Phil & Lil: The two attend different colleges, but they talk daily, always think the same things, and communicate without words. Lil started experimenting with girls in high school and has since come out as a lesbian. Phil, being the caring brother that he is, doesn’t care at all, and they even go out with each other to clubs sometimes to help each other pick up chicks.

Angelica: Angelica graduated from Harvard (no one knows how she got in…word on the street is that her parents pulled some strings and donated a new athletic center) two years ago and is currently looking for a job. She is still supported by her parents and has a serious coke addiction, but is somehow functioning, and she say she has an interview with a big firm in Chicago next week.

Chuckie: Chuckie finds himself heavily medicated, and he doesn’t leave home much. A bit paranoid in his youth, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was 10 years old and spent a fear years in an asylum. He managed to finish high school with the help of the big man on campus, Tommy. He didn’t go to college but continues to keep in contact with the gang.

Kimi: Kimi is at Medical School at UVA, dedicating all her time to helping people with mental disorders. Her main focus is schizophrenia, and she is determined to find a way to bring back the stepbrother she knew and loved.

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