Big/Little Week Coincides with Body Acceptance Week

EVANSTON — It appears that in their perhaps overenthusiastic preparation for Big/Little Week, campus sororities have inadvertently undone preparations for Body Acceptance Week, sponsored by Northwestern Counseling and Psychological Services.

“Changing the language from mom/daughter to big/little is great for the new members, but for a lot of sororities it may have actually caused more harm than good,” said CAPS spokeswoman Deborah McCormick.

This year’s “bigs” reportedly want to feel less big. According to a study conducted by extremely bored Kellogg students, there has been 73% more crying on the sorority quad this week than the previous six, including recruitment.

CAPS representatives at a Mindful Eating workshop held at Norris on Tuesday were bombarded with a litany of questions from a group of sorority women in various stages of self-image-related duress.

“Is sending cookie baskets considered sabotage?” asked one calorie-counting little.

“If I’m so big, why do none of the family t-shirts fit her?” demanded a particularly body-conscious big.

The facilitators present said, after the workshop, that they were ill-equipped to deal with “this level of questions…or the sheer number of glitter posters.”

The Body Affirmation Stations in Sargent and Hinman on this past Tuesday and Wednesday were also overrun by sorority girls. “It seems that some of the girls tried to compensate for their poor body image by being a better pledge mom,” said CAPS employee Margaret Duncan. “Apparently one sophomore is organizing an elaborate light show on the lake fill, a performance by a One Direction tribute band, and a billboard on Sheridan just hoping to see her little post “I LOVE MY BIGGG” on Facebook.”

The girls weren’t the only ones upset this week, however; a male-centric presentation on Monday entitled “In Pursuit of Adonis: Male Body Image in Contemporary Culture” was disrupted by freshmen boys frustrated they weren’t asked to strip tease for the new Quad-Delt in their hallway.

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