No. 102

The State of the Associated Student Government Senate

Esteemed senators, desperate wannabes. Three years ago, I attended a senate meeting. I don’t remember what the meeting was about, and I doubt anyone still remembers it. All I remember is that a lengthy argument broke out over whether a non-senator in attendance in place of an absent senator could vote in a procedural vote based on Robert’s Rules of Order.

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Some New Building to Be Built on Campus, Costs Gazillions

EVANSTON — Northwestern University administration announced today that construction on some long-awaited expensive building of questionable utility is to finally start next month. Spokesman of the Department of New Structures, Allyson Spencer, told The Flipside,…

The State of The Daily Northwestern

Editors, Reporters, Photographers, Designers. I stand before you this evening to deliver The State of The Daily. Now, I must confess that I’m not on staff, but I did write one story freshman year, so I feel both honored and qualified to deliver this address.

The State of the Tour Guides

Fellow guides, the state of the TGs is awesome! There is not a single thing wrong with anything on this campus or within this group of 120ish tightly knit undergrads and graduates who haven’t yet found a real job! Let me tell you why. This podium in front of me was built in 1851 by our founder, the same guy who built The Rock, with his bare hands! That’s definitely a true fact!

Big/Little Week Coincides with Body Acceptance Week

EVANSTON — It appears that in their perhaps overenthusiastic preparation for Big/Little Week, campus sororities have inadvertently undone preparations for Body Acceptance Week, sponsored by Northwestern Counseling and Psychological Services. “Changing the language from mom/daughter…