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Letter to the Editor: For Social Justice Week, Consider Inviting Awkward Kids to Parties

By Foley Hartmann When I heard about Social Justice Week, I knew I had to make a difference! There is so much social injustice happening on campus: I see awkward, sad kids without friends all the time. So, first thing, I scooted over to Tech and invited all the computer science majors to an off-campus party. It’s time they got some equality in the social scene on this fine campus. But I only invited the McCormick comp-sci majors. I’m almost

Northwestern Hosts First Waitlist Wildcat Days

EVANSTON — Hundreds of waitlisted students stood outside Norris University Center on Monday, peering through the windows to catch glimpses of the Wildcat Days Activities Fair and other information sessions. Suddenly, Justin Star, a New Trier senior, felt a tap on his shoulder. “Justin Stein wasn’t impressed by the food at Hinman and isn’t going here,” an Admissions Officer told him. “So you’re in.” Star rushed inside Norris. Not all waitlisted students were as lucky as Star. For most, they

Prospective Student Who Has Never Had Sex Brags about How Much Sex He’ll Have

EVANSTON — At dining halls across campus, conversations among visiting prospective students soon transitioned from ACT scores and other colleges under consideration to the inevitable pressure to demonstrate how cool they are. Research from the Flipside Institute of Statisticology suggests that only one in fifty students will remember someone next year that they met on admitted student day. Some incidents of actually recalling the other person’s name have been reported—both during Wildcat Days and months later. Facing these daunting odds,

Coach Carmody Fired after Mediocre CTECs; Coach Collins Vows to Do Better

EVANSTON — Everyone at Chris Collins’ press conference was waiting to ask the obvious question: what will he do to improve NU basketball’s CTECs? Coach Bill Carmody, who was fired after thirteen years of employment, saw the reported amount of time in practice drop dramatically on his CTECs, as well as low ratings for stimulating interest in the subject and overall rating of the instruction. For years, players have had plenty of time to fill out their basketball CTECs, since

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