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Theater Major on Benghazi: “Totally as Bad as When Norbucks Put the Wrong Milk in My Latté”

EVANSTON — In our never-ending quest to promote justice through government transparency, The Flipside launched a special campaign this week to find out what Northwestern students thought were the biggest issues the global community faces today. While a stairway poop incident in the Bobb-McCullough dormitory was the overwhelming front-runner, fifteen of the five hundred students interviewed by The Flipside were familiar with the term “Benghazi.” At least four said they’d obtained information on the attack from sources other than Twitter.

Letter to the Editor: For Social Justice Week, Consider Inviting Awkward Kids to Parties

By Foley Hartmann When I heard about Social Justice Week, I knew I had to make a difference! There is so much social injustice happening on campus: I see awkward, sad kids without friends all the time. So, first thing, I scooted over to Tech and invited all the computer science majors to an off-campus party. It’s time they got some equality in the social scene on this fine campus. But I only invited the McCormick comp-sci majors. I’m almost

Iowa Infects Minnesota with Gay Marriage

ST. PAUL, MN — Fulfilling the prophecies of evangelical Christians nation-wide, the state of Minnesota has come down with a case of same-sex marriage after failing to keep its distance from infected state Iowa. The contagious legislation was signed into law Monday and the hellfire-summoning nuptials will begin in August. State Representative Chip Cravaack says he “totally called” the transformation of the state’s legislative orientation: “I knew when Minnesota started hanging out with the abnormal, deviant states, it would catch

What? I Thought Those Were Drone Strike Memos!

By Eric Holder Wait, what did I do? You mean I signed off on subpoenas for the phone records of the Associated Press, the most important news agency in the English speaking world? No way. Really? I don’t believe it. You mean I totally approved an inappropriate violation of journalistic integrity? Why would I do such an unspeakable thing? You’re seriously telling me that I just ordered the government to go out there and uncover protected sources? That’s just wrong.

Univision Presents: Gobierno Estudiantil Asociado

SALA DEL NOROESTE, EVANSTASIONE — All was set to go as planned in the ASG Senate meeting this past week. All the officer vacancies for next quarter were filled except for three, and candidates had all been nominated. But then, tragedy struck. Just as Martín Lobos, nominee for Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, was about to be confirmed, Natalie Suarez burst into the senate meeting, her flowing red ball gown swirling in the Santa Ana winds from the nearby

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