Theater Major on Benghazi: “Totally as Bad as When Norbucks Put the Wrong Milk in My Latté”

EVANSTON — In our never-ending quest to promote justice through government transparency, The Flipside launched a special campaign this week to find out what Northwestern students thought were the biggest issues the global community faces today. While a stairway poop incident in the Bobb-McCullough dormitory was the overwhelming front-runner, fifteen of the five hundred students interviewed by The Flipside were familiar with the term “Benghazi.” At least four said they’d obtained information on the attack from sources other than Twitter. Chloe Eastman, sophomore theater major and candidate for ASG VP of Social Awareness, told The Flipside just how she feels about Benghazi.

NF: We’d like to begin by–

CE: First, I just want to thank The Flipside for featuring me in your May issue. (Will you need my headshots? I brought my portfolio just in case.) My social media presence has been a huge time commitment–I have to spend between five and seven hours on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram a day. It’s wonderful to see it pay off, I’ve finally make it in the mainstream industry.

NF: Um, well really we just approached you at random… Anyways, while a truly spectacular number of government agencies and officials have been scandalized, the investigation and supposed cover-ups surrounding the September 2012 terrorist attacks at Benghazi in Libya seem most divisive–

CE: HORRIBLE. It’s just horrible. First of all, that movie responsible for the attacks, The Innocence of Muslims, was terrible. I know I would have done a better job than ANY of those actors. ALL of my friends said I was better in 5th grade–I was Maria in West Side Story, a HUGE turning point for me. So, my roommate is in Medill, and she’s been telling me all about this cover-up and email thing. I’m just so upset about it, like this could literally be as bad as when Brad and Jen divorced. Wait, actually probably not, but I have to tell you, yesterday the new Norbucks barista used 2% instead of skim milk in my double-shot-half-whip-americano-dolcé-skinny-vanilla latté. Like HOW can you mess that up? And then he tried to LIE when I demanded he remake it because I KNEW it was 2%. I could just feel it. I just feel like I can really empathize now with the families of all those embassy workers you know? Like I just really GET IT. I’m envisioning a one-woman play–

NF: We should go.

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