That Guy in the Justin Bieber Song to Perform at A&O Ball

EVANSTON — The rapper from the Justin Bieber song “Baby” is officially slated to perform at A&O Ball Saturday. Reports indicate that this is also the same person who made a guest appearance in the Enrique Iglesias song “Tonight I’m Loving You.” Student reaction to the news has been mainly positive with many feeling on top of the world.

RTVF freshman and A&O member Carol Lang said, “When I heard, I was like, yeah! The guy featured in that Usher song is coming. A&O is so great, all we do is win.”

Weinberg junior Natalie Carter is also enthused. “That guy who raps with Jermaine Dupris on ‘Welcome to Atlanta’ is so dope.” In fact, Carter is so excited that she even has plans for after the concert. “My friend and I were thinking about staying with Chingy at the Holidae In afterwards since the concert is off-campus.”

5th year senior Jeff King is not as excited as the rest of the Northwestern campus. “He’s only going to break our hearts again like he did freshman year Dillo Day. He said he would do so in that song with Taio Cruz and I have to respect his honesty.”

On the other hand, some students don’t even know what the fuss is about. According to sophomore James Louis, “Nobody can even remember this guy’s name. Is he famous, what songs is he even in? It’s ridiculous that people are getting so worked up over a concert when they should be studying for midterms. Some might even say it’s ludicrous.”

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