Illini Dub Wildside Members Heroes for Cancelling World of Beer Event

EVANSTON — After a heavy uproar by Northwestern community and subsequent cancellation of University of Illinois’ alumni event at the Evanston World of Beer, originally scheduled for Wednesday, May 8, one would expect the Illini to be less than pleased. However, the Illini are hailing Wildside members, who rallied students together in protest of the Northwestern rival’s near-campus event, as heroes.

John White, a member of the Illinois class of 2000 and a current resident of Peoria, said, “I wasn’t really sure I wanted to go all the way to Evanston to meet up with my old friends, but thanks to Wildside, now I don’t have to!”

Sarah James, another member of the same class, commented, “I have to thank those kids for cancelling that event. Now I can drink and be miserable about my career as much as I want in the comfort of the city. I don’t need to worry about what my college friends will think of me any more.”

Wildside members like Josh Braeutigam also celebrated their acheivement. “This is OUR turf,” he exclaimed. “Screw that whole inclusive community crap. We don’t want any outsiders coming in and filling the streets of Evanston with their drunkards. That’s Northwestern’s job!”

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