New Miracle Drug! The Flipside Returns! [Plus info about joining our staff]

Have your friends all gone back to school? Are you sitting in your parents’ basement, a) playing some video game for the 8th straight hour, b) bored out of your mind, or c) wishing you were in Evanston?

Well, never fear! The Flipside is here!

Alleviate your case of September Doldrums with a daily dose of the Northwestern Flipside. Guaranteed to induce chuckles, guffaws, and wry smiles, this product will provide minutes of entertainment every day!

Developed by a team of seventy-three scientists and doctors, The Flipside will begin releasing its daily 2013-2014 content September 9.

If that doesn’t cure your pain, we recommend supplementing your daily intake with articles from The Flipside‘s archives.

If you’ll be a student at Northwestern next year and are interested in joining our staff as a writer, actor, director, editor, graphic designer, or in some other capacity, our first meeting will be the evening of Wednesday, September 25, in the Norris University Center. Be sure to look for our table at the Activities Fair (Sunday, September 22) for more details, and feel free to contact us with any questions or to join our staff email list.

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