RTVF Junior Plans “Parkes and Rec” Video to Help Freshmen Find Obscure Campus Buildings

EVANSTON — Clint Westwood, a junior in the School of Communication, always felt he was destined to have a career in radio, television, or film. When Westwood was searching for a college and learned that Northwestern offered a major in radio, television, and film, he was thrilled.

“It was literally love at first sight, and I’ve never regretted the decision. Northwestern has given me so many opportunities.” Now, Westwood is eager to give something back.

“I want to help incoming freshmen have an even better NU experience than the one I had. And the thing I hated most about freshman year was not knowing where any buildings were.”

Westwood specifically remembers a reading and writing poetry class he took in Parkes Hall in hopes of becoming a better songwriter. “I couldn’t find the building for the life of me. I ended up in a parking lot the first time I tried to find it.”

To help incoming students avoid these struggles, Westwood has created a video which will be aired during Wildcat Welcome Week, Parkes and Recreation. The video stars Communication seniors Kaylee Hutchinson and Miranda Oates, Weinberg junior Brandon Tchoupitoulas, and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign alumnus Nick Offerman. It consists of two dozen 21-minute episodes, which will be aired in succession as this year’s newest “Essential NU.”

“After watching every episode of Parkes and Rec, I don’t think anyone will have trouble finding Parkes, PARC, Annie May Swift, Swift, Frances Searle, Searle, Lunt, or Lutkin ever again.”

Westwood is already planning a project for next year’s Wildcat Welcome. Provided he can get Alec Baldwin to join the cast, Westwood plans to produce a show about the painting of Northwestern’s most famous icon, Dirty Rock.

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