[Denial Issue] Tech: The Best Building on Campus

EVANSTON — Nothing on campus epitomizes the ruthless efficiency of Northwestern University quite like the Technological Institute. Also affectionately referred to as “Tech,” the building is revered for its economical and simple design. “Its rectangular layout ensures you can’t ever get lost,” said Lisa Forbes, McCormick senior.

“The interactive map in the lobby is a life saver,” the materials science major added, “especially when I’m not in the lobby anymore and needing to find my classroom.”

Of course, Tech’s effective use of space isn’t the only quality that students adore. As with any state-of-the-art building, Tech employs the most sophisticated security systems to ensure students are safe from power outages, flooding, and microwave fires. Forbes said the shrill yet comforting sounds of Tech’s alarms that usher students and faculty out of harm’s way allow her to fall asleep at night.

Tech also offers the best food service on campus, according to dozens of students. Tech Express is renowned for its quality service, delicious food, and abundant seating. “I can always count on Tech Express for a quick snack in between classes,” noted Weinberg freshman Noah Roberts. “Thanks to its efficiency, I can always get something to eat and never be late for my next class.”

Forbes added, “I love how the wings are lettered intuitively so people always know where they are and where they’re going.”

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