Analysis of Offensive Library Graffiti

EVANSTON — Last week, Northwestern students were sent an email regarding the high quantities of offensive graffiti that covered the bathroom stalls in both Mudd and University Libraries. Last night, to gain a more in-depth analysis of the subject, The Flipside went undercover as janitors to investigate. What we found may be shocking, but just remember: everything is not as it seems.



Although this statement may seem harsh and slightly rape-y, it’s true meaning is much more endearing. “Occupy my crotch”: The author of this piece is clearly longing for the boy/girl that he/she knows he/she can never have. It’s almost like a condensed version of Romeo and Juliet. The author wants their mate to be almost attached to them; they want them to “occupy” their life, to make two hearts into one soul. The word “crotch” is just a metaphor for the future love that they will share together.



Above is another piece of library graffiti that the Northwestern community has been misinterpreting this whole time. “Suck Dick! Its Good For You! Swallow.” How can anyone not see the meaning below the surface? The author was obviously providing encouraging words for the student body. Upon analyzing this piece, one can see that it is actually telling the reader to live a little; to face life with a sense of adventure. Why not suck a dick once in a while, especially if it makes you feel good? It is not right to go through life hiding in the shadows; one must “swallow” in order to live.



I think we all can learn a little from this piece of art. Religion, over the past years, has been collapsing as more and more people are saying that they not longer believe in the almighty Lobster Cock. This is a serious matter, as most do not realize the sense of unity and hope that religion brings. The Flipside saw this piece as a desperate cry to the rest of the world. The author wants to depict to students that the Lobster Cock still lives on, and that everyone should start believing again before it’s too late.


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