Sophomore Already Emptied Block Meal Plan

EVANSTON — At approximately noon Monday afternoon, Jennifer Chen, WCAS ’18, used the last of her block plan meals this quarter. While getting lunch after her eleven o’clock class, Chen was politely informed by dining hall staff that this was the last of her 117 meals, and that she had only $1.26 in points remaining for the quarter. Multiple sources reported that Chen had indeed been spotted frequently in C-stores, as well as buying several swipes worth of food at Frontera on more than one occasion. When reached for comment, a visibly flustered Chen reported that she never thought this day would come. “I felt like I had been budgeting my meals well. I thought they would last me the entire quarter, easy.”

Sadly, Chen is not alone in her situation. Northwestern Dining reports that approximately 3% of students use up their block plan by the end of the first week, and nearly 10% cannot preserve them past the first two weeks. Dining claims this is reason that freshman are not allowed to choose a block meal plan.

At press time, Chen could be seen chasing a goose on the lakefill with a Sargent fork and knife.

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