SPAC Construction Perfect Excuse Not to Go to Gym

EVANSTON — Due to the construction taking place on SPAC’s basketball courts and track, sources report that many students have decided that they might as well not go to the gym at all.

Despite the fact that no other part of the gym is under construction, many students reportedly feel that they just cannot get a decent workout in these conditions. “I mean I wanted to start running more,” said Hailey Smith, WCAS ’18, “but there would probably just be like too many people using the treadmills. So why even bother, right?” Sources say that despite her claims, Smith’s fitness resolution was half-hearted at best, and that she never really planned to go.

Though gym officials warned that there might be some overcrowding due to the construction, they stressed that students do have the option of going to Blomquist or Patten. However, when students were asked if they would be switching gyms, many simply averted their eyes and shrugged.

“SPAC is really the only place you can go to get in a good workout,” said Jason Willis, BSM ’17. “I just don’t think Blom’s equipment is up to standard, and honestly, I’d rather not be seen there.”

Since the construction began, reporters indicate that all Northwestern recreational facilities have seen a marked decrease in attendance. Allegedly, even students who had always frequented the other gyms have decided that this construction affects their ability to exercise.

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